Ekomats enable vehicles and people to cross soft or uneven terrain, and protect the underlying landscape from that movement. Ekopolimer is superior and made from over 75% recycled content.

Putting Plastic Waste to Work (2:34)

Ekopolimer offers a revolutionary solution -- converting shopping bags and waste plastic film into Ekomats - a value-added tool for contractors and homeowners

Ekopolimer is a game-changer (4:00)

A superior new material presents tremendous opportunity.

Ekopolimer is Durable (1:25)

Ekomats used to protect pavement at a municipal transfer station.

Ekopolimer is a solution (2:48)

Ekomats solve residential winter walkway problem.

Ekopolimer is Slip Resistant (3:06)

Ekomats offer innovation for access, walkways & trails, and industrial flooring.

Exotrax provide superior ground access and landscape protection (1:37)

Boom, bucket and utility trucks easily deploy the two tracks into place, saving time and money.

Ekotrax: engineered solution using superior materials (3:04)

Slip resistant Ekomats coupled with the Dyneema, the world's strongest fiber.

Weld Test (3:55)

Heat fusion welding of Ekopolimer is successful. Exciting product opportunities arise.

The LDPE Problem (6:27)

We use a lot of LDPE in everyday life and it’s a problem because most of it currently goes to the dump.We invited Anne McMillan, Toxicologist, for the State of Vermont; Gerry Cornett, Superintendent, New Boston NH Transfer Station, and Mike Durfor, Executive Director, Northeast Resource Recover Association, to share their unique perspectives.